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Be A Superhero: Stop Someone From Spreading STDs

The content of this article may come off as comical, but this is not a joke. There are assholes (men and women) who don’t get tested or deliberately spread STDs. Yes, it’s every person’s responsibility to ask for a condom or have no sex at all. But what to do when someone swears up and down they’re clean? When you’re in a relationship with someone you thought you trusted and they give you an STD? Here are some heroic tactics to protect yourself and others from sexual villains.

Spread the word

If that person has zero shame spreading STDs, don’t have zero shame spreading their name. Yeah, seems vindictive. But think about how many people you’ll save from catching a disease from that person?

  • Use your social media page
  • Post flyers of that person
  • Tell close friends and family and tell them to spread the word

He/she should not get away with harming you and others intentionally.

Report to the Health Department

Usually, your doctor will do this. But file a report anyway. I don’t believe the person will be fined or in trouble. I think a warning from the department to get treated will occur.

Tell the person

Tell that person they’re a nasty son of a bitch and you hope their genitals fall off (of course if they spread it on purpose and don’t care). If they’re not aware they have an STD, tell them they’re an idiot for assuming their clean. And tell them you’re dumb, too for having sex with them.

Carry condoms

No condom, no pussy. People are so shady nowadays. Lots of men don’t like wearing condoms or think they’re too big for one. Men and women carry condoms wherever you go. If that person refuses to use a condom, say bye bitch!

We all make mistakes. In the heat of the moment, anything happens. Just watch out for STD spreading jerks. There are people who want to spread something out of general revenge or because they think you’re a slut and won’t notice it’s from them. Plus, any guy will say anything to get in your pants. Us women need to be more careful than men. Men can’t be trusted most of the time. And if a man catches something from a girl, most likely he was thinking with his cock.

Be a hero!


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