Goodbye, followers

Welp, I truly enjoyed this thing called blogging but I'm moving on. My previous article is my final one. I'm too busy exploring other ventures. I want to thank all my followers and friends/family who've enjoyed my blogs and displayed great support. Love ya, Kindle

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How To Avoid Dating An Asshole

I met two men this year who are the most pretentious, contradicting, nerdy, woman-hating, sons of bitches ever. One was my former blog boss the other was his best friend. I've learned something from those situations: To avoid ever potentially dating assholes. Here's how you can as well. . . He Thinks he's sexy If… Continue reading How To Avoid Dating An Asshole

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Is Donald Trump Ruining Your Relationship?

Personally, I relate to this. I broke up with my boyfriend because of his love for The Donald. I don't mind what political party my significant other follows. But I do mind if my lover puts someone like Donald Trump first. This made me wonder if others are facing a similar issue. Are your difference… Continue reading Is Donald Trump Ruining Your Relationship?

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Is Period Sex Pleasurable?

This article well display a real life conversation I had with a female friend. Her and her boyfriend made love while she was on her period. Here's the (paraphrased) dialogue. Me: What's up? Her: I'm so sore. I'm on my period. Me: Take a painkiller. Her: OK, don't judge. I did it last night. It… Continue reading Is Period Sex Pleasurable?

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Is Masturbating Considered Cheating?

OK, this is a debate that might break up a couple. Personally, I think masturbating is healthier than meeting a stranger and cheating. I mean, what's the harm in pleasuring yourself as oppose to sleeping with someone else? Let's say your partner fantasizes about a celebrity or a hot co-worker while masturbating - is that… Continue reading Is Masturbating Considered Cheating?