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Awkward Sex Moments (Rated R)

I was thinking a lot about sex last night - my own not so great experiences and others who've suffered sexual malfunctions. Here's a list of some very embarrassing but uplifting sex moments from myself and anonymous people (OK, they're not really uplifting). Whoa bro. . .Way too early "There was this guy I met… Continue reading Awkward Sex Moments (Rated R)

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Why Do Some Rock Stars Commit Suicide?

This is a tough subject for me since I'm a huge Rock genre fan. With the recent loss of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, I've heard so many ask why are rock stars so depressed? They have tons of people who love their talent and so much money. As anyone who suffers from depression knows,… Continue reading Why Do Some Rock Stars Commit Suicide?

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4 Ways To Turn Your &*^%@# Day Into An Awesome Day

If you had it your way, everyday would be awesome. Unfortunately, there are some lame days. So what solutions can be utilized? Well, everyone's different, but these actions might benefit you one way or another. Stay off social media for a day. There's a huge possibility a post, picture, or person will piss you off.… Continue reading 4 Ways To Turn Your &*^%@# Day Into An Awesome Day

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WTF?: 3 Confusing Questions Therapists Ask

For the record, I adore my therapist. In fact, she agrees with me on some topics I'm about to touch on. My experiences with other therapist have been . . . Well let's just say interesting. Question 1: Do you have suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming others? If so, I have to report you.… Continue reading WTF?: 3 Confusing Questions Therapists Ask